DPS is providing multiple learning opportunities for all students K-12.  We understand that many of our families may have limited access for digital resources; therefore we are providing learning materials for students in families in both print and digital access. Our parent resource website can be accessed HERE (


This parent resource includes activities for all grade levels with activities that are interactive; such as, virtual field trips. 


We want students to continue learning during the closure period.  Teachers will be contacting students and families prior to April 10 to make sure they have access to learning packets and digital resources. We want families to use resources that are appropriate for their children which may include learning materials that are above or below the grade level enrolled.  Parents can pick-up packets for multiple grade levels to meet student needs.


Parent Curriculum Resources

Parents and Students can access online curriculum and learning resources for their courses using the information, links and directions provided on the Parent Curriculum Resources page of the DPS website. Many DPS learning resources are accessible through the NC EdCloud accounts. It is a good idea to make sure you and your student(s) know how to log in to NC EdCloud to access PowerSchool and other resources.


  • There will be no federally mandated testing at the end of the school year, including EOGs, EOCs, and Accountability Indicators. The state has formally requested a waiver from the federal government and informal approval has already been communicated.

  • DPI has communicated that they do not anticipate having School Performance Grades and therefore no low-performing school designations will be made as a result. The NC School Report Cards will not include accountability information for 2019-20.

  • We expect the General Assembly to soon waive other state-mandated testing (North Carolina Final Exams) and provide additional guidance on Read to Achieve.

  • The ACT makeup exam will take place in September or October. Current 11th graders will take it as 12th graders. ACT scores from Feb. 25 will be sent to schools soon.

Spring 2020 ACT Reporting and Make-up ACT Testing

  • The reporting timeline and score report delivery for spring 2020 ACT testing is included below. The ACT score report schedule is also available on the NC ACT website.

  • Students – One copy of the student report will be mailed to the student’s home address and one copy will be mailed to the student’s school (both by US Mail) 5–8 weeks after the initial test date. After the examinee receives the printed score report in the mail, scores will also be available online.

  • Students who were unable to take the ACT during spring 2020 will be provided an opportunity to test during the fall of 2020.  Separate reports for the fall testing window will be provided to schools and districts.

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